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Speech Bubbles Tutorial

This tutorial is intended for other creators of comics, who like myself,
have found it difficult to find any tutorial on speech bubbles. My first
speech bubbles were made in paint, and that's a pain in the arse.
Now I present to you, an easy and effective method in Photoshop.

Have fun!

First you choose your image. The one above is my choice.

Next you type in the text in the highest layer. I always use separate layers for
separate speech bubble texts. (makes it easier to move)

Now you must make a new layer for the actual bubbles. Don't forget to keep them below your text layers.

Choose the Elliptical Tool. (some images are pretty self-explainatory)

Make sure you are working in the Speech Bubbles' layer.
Don't worry making the ellips on the wrong side. As long as the shape is good it's fine.
You can always move it when you're done, like I will do with this example.

See? Nothing to worry about.

Now select the Paint Bucket Tool, and choose the black colour.

Fill your selected ellips with back.

Right Click...

Select 'Transform Selection'.

Now adjust the sides of the speech bubble. Use 'alt' to make both sides equal.

Click on 'Commit transform' when you're happy with the form.

Choose the Paint Bucket afain, now using white. Fill in the ellips.
You will notice how your text appears again. If it doesn't, it means your text is not on top.

Do the same for all the other speech bubbles (if you have others that is.)

Use a brush to create links between the bubbles.

Colour the lines white to link the bubbles with eachother.

Do this for all the needed links.

Now draw the V pointing towards the mouth.

Colour the unwanted lines white.

Tadaa! You have made speech bubbles. I know the first one is a bit big
in comparisment with the others... But I needed some extra thickness to show you what I mean.

I hope you've all enjoyed my little tutorial. And I certainly hope it will help.
And if you're really enthusiastic, please send me a mail, telling me how happy you are. :)

Happy Speech Bubbling! ~Llyriel

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